3 Ways to Improve Your Social Media Branding

The battle for customers is intensifying day by day and having a powerful brand has never been more important. After all, how can you expect people to buy from you unless there’s a brand they can associate with your business? So,how do you build a successful brand with or without branding agency? Using social media is becoming the best possible place for developing your brand, mostly because it gives you a chance to communicate with your customers directly. In case you’re already on social media, but you don’t know how to do it, here are three ways to improve your social media branding.

Target your audience

You may think that you have a great brand idea in mind but if it’s not what your target audience is looking for, attracting customers can be tough. That’s why you need to start by determining your target audience and tailor your brand according to their likes. For starters, figure out how old your ideal customer is and what problems they face on a daily basis. Moreover, you need to keep cultural differences in mind and shape your brand accordingly. Let’s say you want to get closer to customers in Australia. In order to be able to get things right, you need to consider their social rules when designing your brand. In a scenario like this, your safest bet is to turn to Australian branding experts for help. For example, if you’re looking for a branding agency in Melbourne, there are renowned local experts you can turn to.

Create an identity and be consistent

Obviously, if you want your social media branding effort to pay off, you need to create a brand identity people will be able to recognize. First of all, this includes choosing the right profile picture and any other visuals the platforms you’re using require. For instance, if you’re on Facebook, you also need a cover photo that helps you shape your brand identity. When using multiple platforms, being consistent is the key to success as you need to give social media users a way to recognize you. This means you should use the same profile and cover pictures for every page you create. The same goes for your brand’s voice as every social media platform allows you to communicate with your customers. Decide whether you want to go for a humorous or formal approach and stick to it across all the platforms you use.

Produce quality content

One of the biggest reasons why people use the web is to find content. No matter if they’re looking for a solution to a problem or just a fun read, they want quality and unique content. Give them what they’re after and not only will you attract more customers, but you’ll also build brand authority in your industry. Besides creating content your followers will find useful, you also need to be consistent with your posts. Fail to do so and you might see your followers turn to your competitors for information. Combine quality content with well-designed visuals and you can be assured your social media branding efforts will be a success. To create powerful graphics, consider adding user-friendly tools such as Canva into your arsenal. Tools like this offer a number of templates that can help any piece of content you create draw more attention.

Final thoughts

Using social media isn’t all about getting shares and increasing the number of your followers every time you post something. Instead, always opt for actions that go in line with your brand’s goals and perception. Once you manage to build a powerful brand everyone recognizes, the number of followers, shares, and likes you get will start increasing at a rapid pace.

By Victor T. Miller – Contributor   |   13/06/2019