6 Tips to Run a Successful Translation Services Business

Translation services are simply the conversion of written materials from one language to another.  Like it or not, the need for translation services by small and large businesses across the world continue to increase. Professional translation services such as manual translation, website localisation, documents translation, software translation and more. The advent of the internet has revolutionised global trade and making the world a global village brings buyers and sellers closer than ever before. 

There are over 176 major languages that are highly demanded in the market. From English to French, Arabic to Italian, Mandarin to Latin making it easier to carve out a niche to be targeted according to your expertise, skills and resources. However, as a translation service provider, you need to be on top of your game if you want to be successful in the industry. So let’s go through some of the vital tips to help you run a successful translation services business.

Translation services global market value

Geographic market expansion is one of the major factors driving the growth of the translation industry. More businesses are expanding and targeting more geographical markets now than ever before. Website localisation is another driving factor as millions of online service providers want to sell their services to buyers globally. So the market potential in this industry is huge. According to Stastita, the global translation industry will double its market size at the end of this decade and projected to reach 36 billion pounds (47 billion U.S. dollars) by the end of 2019. 

Segment and target the right market.

The basic truth here is purely down to your skills and expertise as a translator. The simple question is simply what is your translation capability? Once you have identified your capability, then it becomes easier to create a niche that you can target successfully. 

Draw a marketing plan

If you are going to be in the business for real, then it is very important to have a clear cut and achievable marketing plan. Having a marketing plan will help you to define your business goal, set a way to achieve your goal and evaluate results. It will guide against deviation and help you channel your resources productively.

Don’t bite more than what you can chew

It is a fact that all the big brands out there today have a beginning. They didn’t become successful brand overnight. A brand like Architekst.com did not just grow to become a leading brand in this industry overnight. Building a brand takes time and require investment. You just have to be truthful to yourself by setting an achievable goal, identify and concentrate on your core strengths at the beginning and then gradually expand as you grow. 

Consider this

Establish an online presence

6 Tips to Run a Successful Translation Services Business
Run a Successful Translation Services Business

The starting point for any business in the 21st century is to have an online presence which will definitely be to have a website. This cannot just be an anyhow website rather, you must have a fully optimized professional website. From professional logo to the entire branding, navigation to call to action, everything should be impressive and promising. As a small start-up translator, it may worth to penetrating the market through some of the established freelancer platforms such as Freelancer, Peopelperhour, Upwork and more. All you need to do is to create and start offering your services as a brand. 

Deliver quality translation services

Delivering quality service is the key. No matter how you get every other aspect of the business operation right, the button line is to deliver quality service to your clients. If you can offer quality translation services at an affordable price and be on top of your game promoting your business then you will soon see your business going on the pat of success. Quality service will will earn you not only money but positive reviews and good word-of-mouth. In this era of review marketing, positive reviews and good word-of-mouth are powerful and more effective for business growth and sustenance. 

 Time to take the bold step! 

If you are a multi-lingual and have an excellent knowledge to read and write at least  2 languages, then you might want to create a niche in this lucrative market. At the entry point, you certainly do not have what it takes to compete with global brands like Architekst, Global Voices, Gengo and others. But what you can do, is leverage on your skill and use the latest translation tools that will help to deliver exceptional service. 

If you need to act, then act now!

By Jo Smith – Contributor


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