Driving factors for the increasing commercial investment opportunities in Florida

Whether you’re seeking expansion opportunities, diversifying into new markets or trying to capture new clients, the undisputed fact is that understanding the characteristics of a market is critical to your decision making process. Over the past few years, national and cross-border capital flows into the US have risen dramatically.

Economic highlights

Increase foreign investments: Florida’s commercial real estate market is heavily influenced by foreign investments that arrive from all over the world, especially: Canada, Europe, Asia, and South America. In fact, Florida is ranked #1 in the Top US Destination States for Commercial Real Estate Investments. Florida offers multiple non-stop direct international flights from many key global markets in South America, Asia, Turkey, Israel, and others that helps reinforce the strength and stability of the market.

Driving factors for commercial investment opportunities in FloridaSkyrocketing tourism, particularly in South Florida and Orlando, has facilitated cross border investment in Florida’s commercial real estate markets as it has increased familiarity with the markets among foreign investment managers and their affluent clients.

Investors from Latin America and Spain are drawn to South Florida due to strong cultural and linguistic connections to their home countries.

Miami’s commercial real estate assets are affordable on a relative cost basis compared to assets in other global gateway cities. Assets in other Florida markets – especially Tampa, Orlando and Jacksonville – offer even greater yields at lower cost.

Poor economic performance in several Latin American countries has prompted an increase in capital inflows from the region as investors have sought a safe haven for their capital.

In Canada, weakness in the national economy resulting from the contraction in the energy sector and regulatory limits on rent growth in apartment buildings the appeal of US real estate markets, including those in Florida.

Middle Eastern buyers are increasingly purchasing commercial real estate in the US  search of higher yields and capital preservation. https://www.investmentproperty.loans/commercial-investment-opportunities-in-florida/

Chinese developers established a foothold in Miami, increasing familiarity with the market among Chinese investors. More Chinese capital is expected to follow as financial market liberalization at home allows investors to increase the international diversification of their portfolios.

It appears that the cross-border fiscal influence in the region is not just a flash in the pan, nor is it confined to one area of the country. Rather, it’s a long term influence that will continue to bolster the need for new commercial real estate projects in South Florida, across the state, and all over the United States. https://www.investmentproperty.loans/

By Jo Smith – Contributor   |   17/11/2018