Marketing Mistakes That Could Cost Your Business Heavily

The way you market your company plays a huge role in determining the sales and future growth of your company. Organizations have invested a lump sum amount of money in advertising and marketing, however, the secret isn’t in the investment but in the tactics that they follow to achieve their target. You could market your product even at low to no cost if you strategically plan your plan of action.

If you are just getting started on marketing, then these are the common mistakes you need to look out for as a rookie!

Not Enough Research

The base of any marketing campaign or strategy is strong research and without it, all your plans will fall flat. Poor research will cost you not only your customers but also all the money you have invested. You need to know your demographic, the reason behind your campaign, and the kind of people you are reaching. The most common way to do this is by creating focus groups and performing A/B testing to know what works best for your company.

Assuming One Size Fits All

A mistake that will nullify all your efforts and be a futile approach towards driving traffic is assuming everyone will want to buy your product. From the most common products such as milk to clothes and shoes, there is no strategy that you can deploy to get everyone’s attention. The beauty of marketing is that every product has its audience and there are countless ways to reach that specific group. With effective research, you can achieve this goal.

Customer Attrition

The importance of customer retention is so often undermined by marketers and companies equally. Attracting an audience and expanding your reach is important, but it is also necessary to ensure that your old customers are getting the same attention. You need to keep all your customers in the loop and offer them opportunities, rewards or discounts so that they stay in touch and turn into loyal customers. Old customers are the greatest way to promote your product because word of mouth works well.

Lack of Innovation

marketing mistakes that could cost your business heavilyIf you present your customers with the same old boring ads that revolve only around your product and lack creativity or purpose, then you will lose attention very easily. Your strategy should be innovative and speak for your brand. People need to relate to your brand, identify with it, and get inspired to invest in your brand. This will only be possible if you give them a unique experience or impress them with your creativity.

Video marketing has proven to be one of the best ways to drive traction via fun videos that reflect brand values, send a message, and are creatively charming. You can use an email search tool on websites such as to get in touch with video editors who will help you in the process via their official email Ids.


If you can steer clear of these four mistakes, there is a very good chance that the tactics you’re applying will work well for your company and help you grow. Marketing sounds easy and fun however it requires heavy research and brainstorming since it allows only a little room for mistakes!

By Jo Smith | 05/07/2021