Marketing Tips for Marble Polishing and Restoration Business

Are you planning to start your own marble polishing and restoration business? Maybe you have started but struggling to be competitive and sustain your business? Anyway, whatever stage you may find your business right now, you will agree with me that you need to be on top of your marketing game for you to be successful. 

Established a web presence

Create a professional web presence for your business. Starting with a professional website with a good on-site SEO that will rank on top search engine result pages. Create social media business pages for your brand and make sure you keep them up to date. Imagine you visit a business social media page like Facebook or Twitter and find out that the last post on the page was posted 6 months ago? So it’s vital to post current contents that will generate social engagement and drive leads to your door.

Ask for positive reviews from you satisfied customers

Once you started your marble polishing & restoration business, do not just complete client’s projects, get paid and work away. Politely ask your clients to give reviews about your service and make it clear about how and where to leave  their reviews. It is more professional and reliable to use third party review platform like TrustPilot. Once you have a premium subscription, then embed the review snippet on your website.  

Delivering quality service

No matter the level of your marketing plan and strategy, one thing that is not disputable about marble polishing and restoration business is delivering quality service. Customers want value for their money and you must deliver excellent service to justify just that. Give your polishing works finish touches, listen to your clients, complete your project on time and more, are some of the ways to make your customers feel value for money. 

Marketing materials

Some of the things that will make you stand out from the crowd and portray a professional image for your brand are your marketing materials. Successful brand in this sector has been making headway and enjoying competitive advantage. A marble polishing & restoration service Wellington FL is a good of how to run this business successfully. Create your marketing materials such as flyers, brochures, business cards cost relatively little compared to the enormous benefits to your brand.


Build relationships and generate referrals from existing clients, identify and work with local developers in your market will go a long way to sustain your brand as a marble polishing and restoration service provider in your market. 

By Jo Smith – Contributor | 27/10/2019

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Jo Smith

I am a freelance digital marketer with over 6 years of creating and managing digital contents to help business growth.