Online volunteer article contributors wanted - free guest posting

Online volunteer article contributors wanted - free guest postingYou are welcome to We are currently accepting contributors to post their articles on our blog page in virtually all business-related topics/categories .

Quick guidelines:

  • The content must be yours as we publish only first hand content only and 500+ words.
  • You don’t have to be well known to be a contributor, but your contents must prove that you know the topic you are writing about. Where necessary, make references to supporting research, give examples, details, metrics, tell and show, just make it real.
  • Certainly, no man is island of knowledge, so if you use an image or quote text from another source, always acknowledge and give full credit with the relevant hyperlink to the source that can substantiate your claims and ideas.
  • All contents must be English and where possible British version.
  • Please ensure that you have proofread your article before submitting it, it may be edited prior to publishing where necessary. Remember, is not anything go or dumping ground, our users’ experience is utmost important to us.
  • Supporting images, interactive content, or videos… Don’t worry about the cover image, we can take care of that, but if you choose to include any of these, please ensure that you have their copyright sorted out or are free to use content.

What get rejected:

  • Are found to be plagiarized, copied or spun from another source. We respect the work of writers who make their trade through writing and reserve the right to not publish a compromised post.
  • You are free to include up to 2 links with relevant anchor tests to your site. All links are DoFollow, however, we do not accept articles that are ‘’primarily’’ advertisements.

Your bio (Optional):

Bio should be approximately 60 words and should include your Twitter handle, as well as any other relevant links you wish to display: your blog, LinkedIn profile, Facebook page, website URL, etc. This is a great place to include ‘’any promotional or gated links’’ as we generally don’t allow them in the body copy.

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