Why Clear Span Buildings Have Become Popular in the UK

The world is becoming more industrialized with each passing year, which means the demand for new buildings also keeps going up. For a long time, permanent structures were the most common structures that were built, but after temporary buildings were introduced, they quickly became very popular. This is because they are a cheaper option, can be rapidly erected, and are durable.

why clear span buildings have become popular in the ukClear span buildings have become popular in the UK and all over the world. Although they are massive buildings, you will be surprised by how quickly they can be built and how cost-effective they are. They are a great option when you are looking for adequate space to protect your large equipment or for storage purposes.

If you are looking for a building space with an uninterrupted span of up to 60 meters, then clear span structures can come in handy. Several businesses in the UK are using these buildings because of the numerous advantages they have over permanent structures.

Here are some of the reasons that clear span buildings have become popular in the UK.

They can be used for several functions

Clear span buildings are not designed only for industrial purposes. Apart from being used as warehouses and spaces for manufacturing processes, they can also be used as sports halls, community hall facilities, agricultural buildings, gym and dance studios, and so much more.

Many people are often concerned about the general appeal of these buildings to the eye, especially when they are used for commercial purposes. However, modern clear span buildings are constructed using high-quality materials — mainly steel and take on contemporary styles, making them both extremely beautiful and durable. You can take some time to visit Smart-Space and spend some time on their website to see some of the projects. Smart-Space is the leading manufacturer of temporary building solutions in the UK.

They are cost-effective

We are experiencing some hard economic times, which has made the cost of doing business increase significantly. If you do not play smart, you could easily be pushed out of the market by your competition. As your business grows, you may need to expand, but you have to do it cost-effectively. If you need extra working or storage space, permanent buildings are not a good option right now.

Permanent buildings can take a long time to complete and are very costly too. On the other hand, clear span buildings are cheaper, quicker to construct, and offer the same functionality as permanent buildings. This is why these structures have become very popular as they can significantly help cut costs.

Quick turnaround time

Permanent buildings are more durable and more robust but are not a great option if you have immediate space needs. Businesses were slow at first to adopt the use of clear span buildings, but after they found out how beneficial these buildings are, many companies are now using them. The buildings can be quickly set up. They don’t require much preparation as it simply requires assembling the materials on site.

The finished structure takes a short time to be complete and if you are operating on leased land and you can relocate in the future, clear span buildings are a better option as disassembling them is quite easy.

Made of stronger materials

Clear span buildings can also be very durable, especially considering the various materials used in their construction. They can be set up to be used permanently as they require a concrete floor for them to be erected. Some of the materials used in the construction of these buildings include aluminium, steel, and PVC.

If there is a possibility of relocation in the future, you should consider a building made of an aluminium frame and a PVC roof. For a more permanent option, steel structures with steel roofing are the best. All these structures are resistant to either heat or cold as they are designed to meet all required standards for energy and efficiency ratings.

By Jacob Thompson – Contributor | 14/04/2021