An Informed Decision: 8 Questions You Should Ask a Non-Profit Advertising Agency

Running a non-profit can be tough. It requires balancing the organization’s mission and goals with the need to make enough money via fundraising or donations to actually accomplish those goals in real-world settings. Most non-profits can benefit from hiring an advertising agency that specializes in working with similar organizations to improve the community and forge connections. Read on to find out about eight questions to ask before choosing which advertising agency to trust with the organization’s image.

What Is the Agency’s Mission?

Those who choose to manage non-profits instead of starting for-profit businesses typically make this choice because they want to help others. Finding a non profit advertising agency that shares similar goals is a great way to both garner more attention for the organization and help further another non-profit’s positive agenda. Asking about the agency’s mission and goals is a great way to figure out where their priorities lie.

Who Else Has the Agency Worked With?

Find out about past clients and ask to see a detailed portfolio. Ideally, the agency will have worked with similar clients in the past. This related experience will help to inform employees’ decisions and make it easier to tell what will work and what won’t.

What Work Is Outsourced?

Find out if the agency performs most of its work in-house or outsources it to independent contractors. While most advertising agencies outsource at least some of their work, it’s best to choose one that can provide most services directly.

What Are the Backgrounds of the People Who Will Be Working on the Project?

If possible, find out who will be working on the project and ask about their professional backgrounds and skillsets. The agency’s representative may not be able to provide detailed information about who will perform every task, but it should at least be able to discuss its team’s skills and professional background in some detail.

Who Will Be the Point of Contact?

It’s usually easier to work with an advertising agency that assigns one designated point of contact for each project. Ask to speak with this person, if possible, and find out how he or she plans to communicate. Make sure the point person’s communication strategy seems appropriate for the organization’s structure and intentions.

How Does the Agency Deal with Differences in Opinion?

8 Questions You Should Ask a Non-Profit Advertising AgencyThe reason non-profits hire advertising agencies to build public awareness and improve their images is that the employees who work for these agencies know how to make that happen. That doesn’t mean the client should have no say in the creative process, though. Find out how the agency deals with differences in opinion between clients to make sure the organization will be involved in the collaborative process.

How Does the Agency Measure Success?

Good advertising agencies have concrete ways of measuring success for their campaigns. This may involve data analytics and performance metrics. While there’s no need for clients to understand every aspect of performance analysis, they should at least feel confident that there are structures in place for measuring the success of their campaigns.

What did the Timeline Look Like?

The agency should be able to offer a specific timeline for project completion. There’s no way to pin down exactly when the campaign will provide results, but find out when the work will be completed.

The Bottom Line

There are plenty of advertising agencies out there. Take the time to find the right one by communicating openly and paying attention to the agency’s responses.

By Elena Swaro – Contributor | 23/05/2020