Category: Internet Services

Aug 03
Digital Resources For Lead Generation

Lead generation is crucial for growing your business and sustaining its current momentum, and as such, it’s a key part of any business strategy. Generating leads is the first step in any sales funnel and helps you to identify potential customers and encourage them to engage with your organisation. One of the best ways to […]

Oct 10
Impact of IoT on Small and Medium Scale Businesses

“Hey, Alexa! Play a song by BTS.”. And the application confirms with you to play the song. How far has the technology reached right now! A device does what you ask just by the voice command. There was a time when people had to wind the machine enough to play a song record for just […]

May 06
Top Functions of NFT Explained

NFT is one of the newest currencies that has made a lot of clamor in the world of cryptocurrencies and has even opened the door for big companies such as Formula 1, Nike, and Louis Vuitton to the world of digital currencies. In Persian, they are also called non-fungible tokens, irreplaceable tokens and unparalleled tokens. […]