Digital Resources For Lead Generation

digital resources for lead generationLead generation is crucial for growing your business and sustaining its current momentum, and as such, it’s a key part of any business strategy.

Generating leads is the first step in any sales funnel and helps you to identify potential customers and encourage them to engage with your organisation.

One of the best ways to generate leads is to offer them a free resource. The resource may be free, but you can ask for an email address and contact details to access it.

From there, you can connect with your new lead and highlight how your product or service offering could benefit them.

Here are some suggestions for digital resources that are incredibly useful for lead generation and how you can start making the most of them today.

Explainer Videos

Explainer videos are a great way to teach clients about your solutions and encourage them to buy from your organisation. If you offer explainer videos on social media, then you can encourage platform users to follow your page. You can also offer explainer videos as an email series and get them to sign up with an email address. Making explainer videos might seem tough, but there are many content creation agencies out there that can help. Specialists such as Digital Finch offer dedicated explainer video services and use their expertise to create unique videos that will benefit your business. Talk to them to find out more about how they can help you turn your ideas into an informative video.


A whitepaper is a long-form written report or guide that is used by businesses to share research, data or ideas. Whitepapers can be a great way to show that your business is committed to enriching its industry and helping others to understand the solutions it offers. Whitepapers take time to write and edit, but they can be a very worthwhile endeavour that can help you to generate leads across a range of platforms, including email, social media, paid search and more. You can offer to email the whitepaper to interested internet users for free, thereby securing access to their contact details, which you can use to funnel them through your sales process.

Podcast Episodes

Podcasts are incredibly popular thanks to the convenience of listening to fun facts and new information in audio form wherever you go. As such, many businesses have launched podcasts to share their message and generate potentially lucrative leads. There are many ways to generate leads from a podcast, so you can find ways that will suit your business and attract the right target audience. Making your own business podcast can also be a fun experience for you and your team, meaning you can enjoy yourselves, improve brand awareness and grow your company at the same time.

Creating digital resources can be an ideal way to generate leads for your business and highlight your company’s expertise. This list of some of the most useful online resources for lead generation should give you inspiration and help you earn the business success you crave.

By Michael Kilgour | 03/08/2022