Category: Technology

Oct 18
Everything You Need to Know About LinkedIn Sales Navigator And How It Can Help You Grow Your Business

Every sales representative understands the power of LinkedIn as a lead generation tool, prospecting tool, and platform to nurture new leads before pitching. Since its launch in 2014, the LinkedIn sales navigator has enabled thousands of marketers and sales lead professionals to generate highly targeted prospects. Besides finding and contacting prospects, the sales navigator enables marketers to […]

Oct 10
5 Tips to Improve Your Website’s Expertise, Authority & Trustworthiness (E.A.T)

If you’ve ever tried to promote a website, you know what Google’s algorithms are and how difficult it may be to cater to them. They aren’t set to drown particular websites. They are created to provide the best answers to searchers around the world. Your job is to make sure your website can provide those […]

Oct 10
Impact of IoT on Small and Medium Scale Businesses

“Hey, Alexa! Play a song by BTS.”. And the application confirms with you to play the song. How far has the technology reached right now! A device does what you ask just by the voice command. There was a time when people had to wind the machine enough to play a song record for just […]

Jun 17
Ultimate Guide to On-Page SEO

The online presence is highly important these days for any company ranging from big corporations to small businesses. A corporate website and accounts in social media are the most common methods for taking businesses online. Creating a website is not enough though as its promotion to the top of the search results matters a lot […]

Nov 22
Local SEO – A Guide to Get Ranked in Featured Snippet

There are plenty of things that you can achieve when you work with the best local SEO services experts in the industry, including getting ranked in one of the featured snippets. There is plenty that you would be able to do to help you achieve this desired position, including not attempting to force Google to see your […]

Sep 28
Tech Disruption: How are Existing Industries Changing?

Long before the Covid-19 pandemic crisis, new technologies, paired with innovative thinkers, are eliminating century-old problems that didn’t have adequate solutions. Companies are using innivative technology to increase efficiency, customer satisfaction, or ease access if there is already an adequate solution. It does not matter whether you operate in hospitality industry, hoteling software development, aviation […]

Nov 05
How to keep up with Technology in Your Business

Keeping up with technology is essential for a plethora of reasons; security being but one of them. Falling behind the technological race could spell disaster for your business. Nokia, for instance, fell into the infamous “if it’s not broken, don’t fix it” trap and stubbornly focused on developing only their hardware instead of shifting towards […]

Aug 09
A Quick Overview of Managed IT Services and Its Benefits

Each small business considers managed IT services at one time or another. During a typical year, 75% of SMBs occasionally outsource their IT to a solution provider, VAR, or MSP. Why would a company need to managed IT services? What are the benefits? Should you consider managed IT services for your business? Let’s find out […]

Jul 30
How AI Can Benefit SMB’s Now & The Near Future

In just a couple of decades, artificial intelligence has made its way out of the movie screens into our lives. Today, you may be hard pressed to find a person in a developed country, who isn’t taking advantage of AI. Companies of all sizes are closely monitoring the newest developments in the field in order […]