Benefits of using remote workers to grow your startup business

Undoubtedly, employees play a significant role in the success of an organization. Finding productive and talented employees is one of the most tedious tasks for startups. Most startups struggle to find the right people for the right job in spite of offering considerable remuneration.

Benefits of using remote workers to grow your startup businessAny innovative idea can only be brought into reality with the help of an efficient team of professionals. Instead of paying higher remuneration to full-time employees you can make use of remote workers, which are often referred to as freelancers. There are a number of advantages associated with remote workers for entrepreneurs, especially online based service oriented businesses, which are discussed in this article.

So, let’s take a quick look at why remote workers are such a good choice for startups.

Trouble-free hiring and firing workers

The first and foremost benefit of hiring remote workers is their undemanding hiring and firing them. Working with freelancers will save your precious time and the cost involved in the process of firing or appointing full-time workers. Keeping in mind the risks associated with an unsuitable hire, remote workers have an added advantage. If you have work quality issues or deadline issues with any freelancer, you can relieve him from his duties without many procedural and legal formalities.

Tapping the global talents

Hiring a remote team allows you to look for the best team in the world, looking over the constraints of location, time-zones, age and hours of availability. Several talented professionals invest their skill sets and time in working for the top companies, sitting in their comfort zones. A majority of experienced professionals utilize their free time working on diverse projects. You can make your startup benefit from their outstanding skills and hands-on experiences by hiring these experienced remote workers to get the job done in minimal time.

Diversity boost

You can bring in remote workers from all over the world; having unique abilities, talent and skill sets which provide distinctiveness to your organization and fosters innovation and growth. In full-time employment, people often face difficulties in getting used to the working conditions and style, which can be eliminated in case of remote workers.


Resilience is one of the most common features of remote workers, owing to their freedom. You need not regulate or control them like full-time employees. All you need to do is to give them clearly defined tasks and deadlines and they will take care of the rest. They work according to their convenience and have gadgets, setup and equipment of their own. You are required to get in touch with them only when it’s necessary and then forget about it until the task is completed. This flexibility is a boon to most small business owners and to the freelancers as well.

Punctual and Connected

You fail to keep your regular employees occupied all the time, whereas in case of remote workers there is no such thing as mandatory working hours or redundancy or incurring extra cost unproductive work. As proven by studies, remote workers actually tend to be more engaged than those working in the office mainly because their livelihood depends strictly on results. Remote workers feel more connected and get motivated being an important part of the team of different startups.

Cost effectiveness

Remote workers are much economical than any regular full-time employee. You can pay them based on their assignments instead of paying them full-time. Whereas if you go for full-time, in-office employees, you may find it difficult to keep them engaged and utilize their potential based on the packages offered to them.

In case of full-time employees, you ought to pay them according to the lifestyle and cost of living in the place you are situated at or the location of your office. Whereas remote workers may be willing to accept lower pay because the cost of living in their location is relatively cheaper. You get access to different talents across the world and can pay accordingly, which would reduce your overall cost incurred in running your business.

Also, you are not required to pay them other perks such as pension, gratuity, insurance and other benefits. Freelancers or contractors, not being your full-time employees are not dependent on you for such benefits; making them a more economical resource for you. Having said that, let’s quickly look at useful links to find freelancers.

Some of the leading websites to find remote workers are

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Rounding up…

Having analysed all the benefits and advantages of hiring remote workers in the above points, it becomes so clear that remote workers from different parts of the world can be effectively recruited to utilize their skill sets and talents at minimum cost to your business. As the demand for remote workforce continue to increase, making it a viable choice to fuel your startup’s success story.

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By Michael Oke   |   03/08/2018


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