The Importance of Address Validators For Businesses

The Importance of Address Validators For Businesses. Do you doubt the importance of marketing? Hardly.

Do you know that all your marketing efforts could be useless without a simple program? Intriguing.

Today, address validation is one of the integral parts of any marketing campaign.

While marketing specialists used to be checking the validity of the existing addresses by hand, these days the task is much simpler. Address validators have revolutionized the speed and efficiency of marketing campaigns.

Are you doing address validation? If not, it’s time to start. This quick read will show you why.

1. Maintaining an Opportunity To Grow

Can a wrong postal address hinder your business development? Easily. By sending promotional materials and goods to wrong addresses, you are losing time and money as well as existing and potential clients. By adding all these factors together, you get a snowball effect.

If you don’t take care of invalid addresses right now, you will continue losing money and falling behind the competition.

2. Saving Money on Undelivered Mail

How much did the last undelivered parcel cost you? By sending a letter or a parcel to the wrong address, you don’t just lose the money you paid for shipping. You are annoying people who are not expecting your parcels and frustrating those who don’t get them.

In most cases, it’s not your fault you have a wrong address on your list. But it’s definitely your fault if you don’t keep up the address list hygiene on a regular basis.

3. Saving Time And Effort of Your Employees

It takes time and effort to work out a marketing strategy, prepare promotional materials, and send them to the customer. All of the above work is wasted if the customer never gets the mail.

As more and more wrong addresses pile up in your list, the more and more time and effort your staff is wasting.

4. Improving Your Decision Making

When you evaluate the way your company works, you base your analysis on cold facts. Now imagine sending out a hundred promotional brochures. Only 9 out of 100 customers call back to capitalize on the offer.

Analyzing this information, you understand that your conversion rate is just 9%. However, if you would know that 10 out of 100 customers didn’t get the mail, the conversion rate would go up by a whole percent. See the difference?

According to experts at Byteplant, getting wrong information about the way your campaign works can lead you to make bad decisions.  

5. Maintaining Your Reputation

By failing to reply to your clients on time or sending them their purchased goods, you are ruining your reputation.

A small typo can lead to a huge disaster. Imagine guaranteeing 2-day delivery to your clients and failing to keep your promise.

Do you think a person would come back to work with your shop again or perhaps recommend it to friends? Highly unlikely. Even if the reason is a typo made by the client himself.

An address validator deals with typos, formatting issues, and fake addresses to help you maintain an impeccable reputation with existing and potential customers.

6. Standardizing Your Address List

Address validators don’t just search for fake or nonexistent addresses, they help you standardize the address list for further use and analysis. Each country has its own address formatting standards that must be considered by the sender. The validator can work with these standards to ensure all mail is delivered successfully.

Something as seemingly insignificant as a small error can lead to a wide variety of unfortunate consequences. As a business owner, you can’t afford to overlook the importance of using an address validator.

By Maria Victoria MacAraig – Contributor   |   02/07/2019