6 Tips for choosing the right industrial coating company

By: Damini Sharma – Contributor


Powder coating is an amazing way to coat everything from small hand tools to bigger equipment, but you cannot just choose any random powder coating company for your next project as you are going to make an investment. 
Talking about industrial powder coating or electroplating, for surface protection and durability of your products, not all coating finishes are applied equally, as each company works on a particular method with different quality products. With the performance and investment at risk, choosing the right company by doing proper research will save you money and hazards.
Here are a few tips for choosing the right industrial coating company that gives you value for money.

Experience Matters
The longer a company has been serving the powder coating requirements, the more you can rely on its services. Experience is one of the most important factors, which you must consider before choosing a company for your electroplating needs. If the company has been in the business for a while, then you can easily ask questions about the process and results of the methods for better dependability and results.

Certification or License
Apart from everything, certification and affiliations with industrial organizations are the most powerful factors that help you decide if the company has the ability to deliver effective services and results. When you contact an industrial coating company, find out if they are licensed to provide the services. Check if they are allowed for the powder coating services and if everything goes well, then you can surely go with them.

Customer Reviews or Referrals
Get ready to do some online research by looking for the customer reviews and client testimonials of the company, you have shortlisted for your project. You can also go for a personal referral by a similar company or a friend. Pay attention to everything that a customer says as the more information you get, the more clarity you are going to have if the company can be chosen for getting a complete solution. This will also help you trust the process of their working further.

Ask About the Process & Products Their Using
6 Tips for choosing the right industrial coating companyNo matter how big the company is, and how many people work with them, the most important thing to look for while hiring an industrial powder coating company is if they are using high-quality products, and well-organized methods or not. Not every company is certified for all types of coating, so, you need to check everything to avoid any trouble in the future.

Plus, you need to get an idea about how the process goes or if they are aligned with the latest techniques and equipment or not. As the powder coating technology has been transforming increasingly, the company you have chosen must be up-to-date with the information and product they are utilizing.

Enquire About the Workers
This is a part of the research that many people will hesitate to ask. However, you should actually find out what the standards for hiring workers are, and also, how much experience they hold to handle your project. 
There might be situations when the workers have to visit your place for maintenance and fixing. So, it is necessary to know if they are trained enough to complete the task efficiently. This will give you an insight into what type of service they are able to provide you.

Modern Equipment 
Every professional powder coating company will use state-of-the-art equipment, which is essential to complete the process matching the requirements of its clients. Not only you can decide the reliability of the company, but you know that they are up-to-date with the emerging industrial needs and techniques. 
Furthermore, most of the reputed companies will show you the equipment they are using to test the surface thickness coating adherence as well as flexibility.
By keeping these points in mind, you can easily choose the best electroplating company, which ensures excellent coating and finish at a competitive cost. Al Asriah is one such name in the industry, you can rely on for a wide range of coating services.


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