5 Tips to consider when moving to a new office building

Running your own business can be a rewarding experience. You get to do the things you’re passionate about and basically become your own boss.

5 Tips to consider when moving to a new office building.You also have the privilege of working at your own time, giving you the convenience of maintaining your private and social life. And although relocating to a new office building might seem promising, several things should be considered to ensure that the move will become a success. Aside from hiring moving companies NYC, you also need to consider the following:

1. Plan ahead of time.

Planning is essential whenever moving. You need to plot all of the tasks you’ll have to finish for the move and when you’re going to do it. And since your entire business will be moving, you also have to consider the number of people involved – are they assigned to certain tasks? Do they have deadlines? These are just some of the questions you should answer during the planning stage. Once you decide that you’re moving, sit down with your employees and discuss every detail involving the move. Forecast any problems which could happen during the move and think of solutions ahead of time. Careful planning will enable everyone to prepare for what’s going to happen, lessening the stress and cost of the moving process.

2. Assign a move manager.

With the number of tasks, everyone has to accomplish when moving, it’s crucial that you appoint a move manager. This person will oversee the entire move and monitor if any progress has been made. Depending on the size of your business and the number of people involved in the move, you can assign at least two moveable managers. These managers should maintain communication throughout the move to ensure that everyone is on the same page. When you’re a business owner, move managers will make it easier for you to divide tasks and responsibilities. These managers will also be in charge of making sure

3. Research and find the best moving company.

Regardless of where your business is operating or where you’re moving, it’s safe to assume that there is a handful of moving companies operating within those areas. Hiring them might cost money from your pocket, but doing so is actually cost-effective. Working with moving companies can give you more time on your hands, allowing you to do more things for the business. If you’re leaning towards this direction, make sure that you do your homework in searching for the best moving company around. Once you already have a list of movers NYC you’re eyeing to hire, reach out to each of them and inquire about their services and costs. Compare at least three companies and determine which among these suits your needs and budget. Don’t immediately hire the first moving company you come across; always consider the options and research.

4. Assign all employees to pack their own desks.

Packing is one of the most time-consuming and stressful parts of the move. This is especially true if your business has invested in a lot of equipment throughout the years. You’ve spent money to purchase these that’s why everything should be in perfect working condition once you arrive at your new office space. To make your upcoming business move easier and faster, assign all of your employees to pack their own desk. Allowing them to do this on their own can expedite the process of packing and can also help the unpacking since your employees know what they’ve packed. This will also save you money since you don’t have to hire any people to do the packing, your employees can do this job.

5. Change your address and let the public know about it.

Your business will need customers in order to thrive. Customers are the lifeblood of your business which is why you should inform them the moment you decide to move. Have your employees talked to your customers about your new address. You can post an announcement in your physical office weeks before the move or have it on your website online. You can even organize gimmicks or promos during the first day of operations in your new location. Not only will this haul in new customers, but offering something new is a great way of retaining your existing customers.

6. Use The Right Resources

Moving to a new office building can open many opportunities for your business. This move can become the key for your business to accommodate more employees, cater to another group of customers and even acquire better stakeholders. However, before your business can enjoy these benefits, you should pay attention to the move first. How you handle your upcoming move can make or break the growth of your business – only use the right resources, so your business move will become a success!

By Dianne Belencio-Abonita – Contributor   | 24/02/2019