3D videos & its advantages in business promotion

3D videos help businesses and professionals communicate and explain the processes of their business model, as well as educate and promote products and services in an entertaining but understandable and professional way. This includes product promotion, branding, training and concept visualization.

Many marketing and sales managers often realize that it is difficult to explain the features and benefits of their product, their service. This is especially true for the need to convey complex ideas and models, such as technological systems, processes and theories.

3D modelling and design will help you demonstrate the characteristics of your product without interruption, which exists physically in real-world environments. By isolating your product in the world of 3D computing, your viewer can immediately visualize and identify the product or service in a clear and concise manner. The visual appeal of 3D modelling helps customers make a buying decision.

The use of images in animated sequences, about abstract or even real and identifiable ideas, can trigger mental imagery and activate feelings. It has many attributes, motivating the audience through the reproduction of visual perception, as well as the effectiveness of the transmission of the message.

What is 3D animation video?

The term “animation” has its origin in the animated characters of traditional cartoons.

3D videos and its advantages in business promotion.Unlike Mickey Mouse, which immediately connects to animation, 3D animation is the most popular visual advertising in the traditional video format that is visualized on conventional flat panel LCD / LEDs.

The same animated 3D scene can also offer the viewer an exciting experience through virtual reality (VR) or stereoscopic 3D technology using 3D glasses or VR headsets, giving the viewer an illusion of depth that gives you a personally-included perception in the scene.

But why the 3D animation, video?

Yes, 3D animated video clips are only a means of rendering, and there is no great reason to choose this type of video content for each case.

In some cases, placing a video with real actors and accessories is more effective and smarter.

However, there are several significant benefits of an animated video explainer  compared to other visuals:

The 3D explanatory video is ideal for businesses where it is difficult to represent and sell the product with different types of video or advertising techniques. For example, you develop websites or do contextual advertising. Your explanatory video should include information about the problems of the target customers, the benefits of the business and its workflow, some cases with numbers, and so on. You have to admit that it is quite challenging to show the increase in traffic in a video if it is not animated. Virtually all information can be visualized with 3D animated video lights, which is its main advantage over real video.

Animated characters, as well as attractive caricatures, create strong emotions and create a unique atmosphere that engages the audience and captures their attention. This adds an emotional component to the rational arguments, increasing the desired effect. It is more accessible and more interesting for the audience to follow the story when positive feelings are at stake, and the information presented in the 3D video will likely keep the memory. Also, animated videos are associated with a marketing tool to a lesser extent than the videos uploaded, and therefore, they do not cause discomfort or obsessive publicity.

An animated explanatory video is not limited to scripts. Heroes can fly, dance, sing and wear all the costumes, and the action can take place at any time in history and in any geographical position. This creates an inventive scenario for a better presentation of the product.

In summary, using 3D videos for the storytellers makes it easy to talk about complicated things, create memorable images and appeal to the emotions of the audience. However, animated videos can successfully solve real problems, improve search engine results and increase capacity, conversions and sales!

Advantages of using 3D animation video for business

3D animation is about using a computer to create images that can create animated scenes. The use of 3D animation has proven to be a significant advantage over 2D animation. While 2D animation is fully painted, 3D animation can create realistic objects that may seem substantial to the viewer. 3D video animation has many business benefits because it can be used in the areas of marketing, advertising and communications.

1. Communication is done quickly and easily

3D animation services offer something that no other means of communication can provide. This is a quick overview of what a product, organization or service looks like, both inside and out. So it’s a much faster way to get people’s attention and help them see exactly what is reported.

2. Products are given in the details

This is the most significant advantage of a 3D animation video. It is well known that computers have unlimited capabilities, and 3D is one of them. Images created in 3D can display each piece of a specific product under each corner. A good example is the image of a locomotive, where 3D shows not only the exterior but also the interior, directly on the pipes that make up the engine.

3. Helps in the  development of products and services

Even before the product is manufactured, 3D design can improve how the contractor sees what this item looks like. This will help you design a better product design or service and minimize additional rendering and removal of what you want. Architecture and interior design are some of the areas that benefit from the use of 3D animation.

4. Improve the image of your company

Today, most businesses use 3D, mostly painted. However, 3D makes your business more sophisticated, advanced and artistic when utilized in advertising, marketing and sales. The products or services will be easier to understand for a potential customer when presented in 3D, which will noticeably improve not only the image of your business but also sales.

5. Save time and money

It takes a lot of time to set up a traditional advertisement, but it is also expensive. 3D animation removes this stress, being limited in time and less costly. It takes less time to explain a product or service because the image is very precise. The return on investment generated by 3D animation will far outweigh the cost of using animation for your business.

6. Creates a lasting impression for the viewers

3D animations have a profound effect on people, especially since they create objects similar to real objects. It will translate them into actions, putting them on sale. Many websites are currently using it on their behalf and are positioning themselves as widespread and well-known. It can also happen to your business if you decide to use 3D animation. 3D animation also helps to emphasize glamour and style, which dramatically improves the look of any product or service.

3D animation is much smarter and offers different ideas that can be displayed effectively. With 3D Motion, you can create a truly valuable animation for your business. Thus, using Explainer Video technology, 3D demo appointments are needed for the entire association in today’s rich world. Therefore, it is essential that all business designers use the  3D animation studio to promote their business successfully.

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By Jo Smith – Contributor   |    24/02/2019