7 Tips To Prevent Your Emails From Going Into Spam folder

Email marketing is an integral part of any marketing campaign. Even though social media and content marketing coupled with SEO can do a tremendous job promoting your company. The impressive advantage of email marketing can’t be overlooked.

7 Tips To Prevent Your Emails From Going Into Spam folder - Increase Open RateThe efficiency of your email marketing campaign doesn’t just depend on the quality of contents or the email list hygiene. You need to make sure the recipients don’t just get your emails but open them too.

If your email messages keep ending up in spam folders, your IP address and domain may be blacklisted. This could lead to a lengthy recovery process and marketing campaign downtime.

So how can you increase your email open rate?

1. Put All Your Effort Into The Subject Line

Creating a good subject line gets you halfway to making a conversion. The subject line is the first thing your client sees when the email hits the mailbox. If you do a good job creating a catchy sentence, the person is highly likely to open the email.

  •         Add some urgency to the subject line to pique the client’s interest.
  •         Arouse the curiosity by including a fragment like “unexpected benefits inside”
  •         Add part of your offer to the subject line to make the email appear more valuable.
  •         Make the subject line personalized by adding a person’s name.
  •         Try to keep the line short enough to appear readable on a mobile gadget.

If your subject line is good enough to capture the audience’s attention, you are likely to increase your open rate tremendously.

2. Get Personal

When you are writing promotional emails, don’t forget about personalization. A “Dear all” or “Dear client” doesn’t work as well as “Dear George”. When addressing the potential or existing client by name, you create a virtual relationship between you, which helps the client read the email instead of sending it to the spam folder.

When you are writing email content, structure it in such a way as if you are writing solely to one person. The text shouldn’t seem generic. It must be personalized. Even if you change “George” to “Peter”, “Erica”, and “Jenny” to attract new clients later, George doesn’t need to know about it.  

3. Invest In High-Quality Content

The email should be catchy, intriguing, and informative. In order to achieve that, you have to work hard on the content. Hire a content specialist to beef up your promotional text.

You usually have one or two sentences to capture the client’s attention. If those two sentences are boring, the person will never get past them, and your email will go to the spam folder. All of your following messages will end up in the same place as well. So you must work on your content to increase the open rate and achieve better conversions.

4. Maintain clean Email List

Sending your emails to wrong addresses is an excellent way to end up in the spam folder. According to email specialists at Byteplant, more than a third of your emails can be delivered to the wrong or non-existent addresses if you don’t validate your email list on a regular basis.

Making sure your emails don’t bounce or end up in spam folders of annoyed recipients is highly important. Email validating software is available for such purposes. It doesn’t just make sure you are sending emails to the right people, it also helps you avoid spam traps.

5. Work on Your Timing

Timing is the key to improving your open rate. If you don’t choose the right time to send your promotional materials, a person can send your message to the spam folder out of annoyance.

Another reason why your email may end up in the spam or trash folder is if you don’t consider time zones. Messages sent during working hours may not be as readily accepted as those sent on the weekends.

6. Avoid Buying Email Lists

Buying email lists and leads may seem like a quick way to get conversions. In reality, such leads get low open rates. You need to make sure you are sending your promotional materials to people who may be genuinely interested in your offers.

By sending messages to a bunch of people, who may not want to hear about your services is a sure way to end up in the spam folder and decrease the open rate.

7. Think About Mobile Users

All your subject lines and the email content must be tailored to suit audiences who are using mobile devices. Depending on your business, the majority of your target audience may be reading your emails from mobile. Make sure they can do it comfortably.

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Final Thoughts

In order to prevent your emails from going to spam folders, pay attention to the quality of your content, maintain a clean email list, and use personalization tricks. With a smart approach to email marketing, you can achieve tremendous results. 

By Maria Victoria MacAraig – Contributor      |     30/07/2019