What Can Businesses Benefit From Phone Validators?

Phone marketing is still very important to the majority of campaigns. More than 90 percent of customer interactions occurred over the phone. Some companies believe that phone marketing is slowly giving way to other approaches. However, phone conversations are bringing formidable amounts of money to businesses, which are taking full advantage of them.

Phone marketing is not a cheap part of the campaign. Failing to achieve results with calls can lead to waste of time and money. Marketing specialists spend a lot of and resources working on promotional materials, which can be used during cold calls, follow -up calls, etc.

What if all the effort goes in vain, simply because the marketer never reaches the customer? This happens rather often to companies that ignore phone validators.

What Are Phone Validators?

A phone validator checks if the number on your call list is valid so you don’t have to hear a busy signal or “the number cannot be reached” message. Even though it takes only a few seconds to hang up and dial again, in the big picture, hours are wasted on invalid numbers.

A phone validator is a software which can clean your call list and get rid of the typos and invalid numbers. The validator doesn’t actually make the call when checking the number at no cost while none of your potential clients will be bothered by unnecessary calls.

The validator checks the number’s format by pinging it. The ping helps the software verify that the number is valid and can receive calls and messages. All of the above is done without making a call or sending a message.

According to phone validator experts at Byteplant, the software can also help you figure out whether the number is mobile or landline. This information doesn’t just help you structure the calls accordingly, but allows you to comply with FCC Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA).

Phone validating software works with major databases all around the world to check the validity of phone numbers against them.

This useful tool is becoming an integral part of your telemarketing campaign. Here are only a few benefits of phone validation for your business.

Costs Saving

Each time you call the wrong number, you pay for the call whether you reach the recipient or not. Removing invalid phone numbers from your calling list allows you to save hundreds  more money on the campaign budget.

Saved Time

Each time your marketing specialists call the wrong number, they waste their precious time. Invalid numbers don’t allow them to use their work time on speaking with the potential customers. If you clean your call list, you can increase the productivity of your marketing team by at least 10%.

Fraud Prevention

By checking the phone number in real time, the validator helps you spot bots, which are trying to register on your website. A top-notch phone validating software can help you avoid scammers. Meanwhile, many users deliberately share wrong phone numbers to get freebies from your website. A phone validator can prevent such actions.

Improved Reputation

Follow-up calls are highly important for making a sale. More than 65% of existing customers leave because they feel the company is indifferent to them. With a valid calling list at hand, you can make sure you are reaching all of your existing customers with follow-up calls and attractive offers.  

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A high-quality phone validator can help your business save a substantial amount of money on its marketing campaigns, improve the relations with clients, and increase the marketing ROI. Numerous companies are already taking advantage of this tool to stay ahead of the competition. Maybe, it’s time to consider using it as well?

By Maria Victoria MacAraig – Contributor   |     30/07/2019