Everything You Need To Know About Parler – The Fast-Growing Alternative to Twitter

Is Parler truly a formidable alternative to Twitter? Here is everything you need to know about the fast-growing social media platform and the factors contributing to it popularity in the recent weeks. In the light of the ongoing controversy surrounding Twitter censorship, Parler has been enjoying unravelling publicity by the top US GOP politicians who have felt let down by Twitter. So, that take us to the question; what is Parler and why it’s now gaining more popularity?

Parler is a social networking and microblogging platform which is positioned itself as a formidable Twitter alternative. The headquarter is located in the US and available for users worldwide. According to Parler, their core values are; Innovation, build communities, empower users and promote free speech.

Parler’s top features

  • Post automation. Just like other social media platforms. You can create and automate contents to generate user engagement, promote your products and drive traffic to your website.
  • Build contents communities. Easy to build followers and deliver cross-platform content engagement.
  • Mobil-first brand engagement. Platform built with the state of art technology that prompt users with direct push notifications.

Parler vs Twitter

Number of users: Parler has about 1.6 million users unlike Twitter which has over 330 million users.

Censorship: Parler consider itself as a censorship free social media platform while Twitter has recently introduced ‘’warning and fact checking label’’ to any post they believe is outright false or misleading.

Publicity: Parler is currently enjoying free publicity from the top Republican member and the POTUS while Twitter is facing huge backlash from the same politician for

Positioning: Parler is promoting and positioning itself as free speech social network in contrast to Twitter and other platforms. 

Year Founded: Parler was launched in August 2018 which is relatively new compare to Twitter which has been launched since March 2006.

Other useful information about Parler

Who is the founder of Parler? The founder of Parler app is John Matze, 27 years old American and a Denver University graduate in computing degree.

Is Parler free to use? As at now, it is absolutely free to sign up and start using the platform.

When was the platform launched? According to the founder, Parler was launched in August 2018.


By Jo Smith – Contributor | 03/07/2020