Tips to Convert Organic WebsiteTraffic to Qualified Leads

All SEO journeys begin with the aim of gaining high visibility for brands and businesses that result in driving traffic to the website. Traffic is most important because it shows the extent of your outreach, and higher is the traffic better it is for business. Having a large number of visitors on your website is indeed extremely satisfying as you can smell business. But to make business happen, you must take some steps to convert visitors into customers.  This brings us to the topic of optimizing the campaign for ensuring conversions by giving as much importance to it as the optimization efforts for improving ranking. According to the SEO experts at Consulting Services, securing high ranks in search results is like winning half the battle. To win the battle, you must show your mettle in nurturing leads for effective conversions generates revenue.

Revenue generation is the ultimate test for your SEO. If the volume of traffic driven to your website makes you complacent, and you feel like you have done enough, then it is as good as giving up the game. Indeed, you must not aim to convert all visitors into customers, but surely you must try to convert at least 16% of them, which is the industry benchmark and should not be too difficult to achieve.  Monitor the campaign closely to focus on the factors that can move the needle by pushing your leads down the funnel. That can only happen when you can ensure that they are landing on the right pages, serving them with content they are keen to consume and making it easy to take actions that move them closer to conversions.

Here are some tips to convert organic website traffic to qualified leads

Create content by matching user intent

The content must align with the user intent to generate the best user experience. Start by looking at your existing content to assess how much it can meet the user’s real intent so that you can identify the scope of improving it.  You can also repurpose old content by focusing on the aspects of that help to align it with user intent and the queries you are ranking for that contain transactional terms like pricing, buy testimonials or reviews. Consider whether the content is easy to read with CTAs that are easily accessible and whether the pages that rank for the terms that match the queries will push your audience to convert. Studies show that by improving existing content, it is possible to increase conversions by 20%. When creating new content, include user intent in your content plan and ensure that the content creator is fully aware of user intent. 

Go for branded search terms

To grab leads that are lower in the funnel, you must target branded search terms. Branded searchers have higher buying intent, and these are high value leads that you would like to pursue. Optimize pages that match with user intent to increase the chances of conversions.  Taking cues from the high volume for branded search terms, you can create pages on your website where searchers can find what they are looking for. Even if the search volumes for specific search terms are low, the leads are valuable as you know who are keen to go along with it. Serve them appropriate content to reap the benefits.

Nurture your visitors

While the volume of visitors to your website will excite you, be ready to accept that their approach is very casual without any purpose in mind, and they want to look at your site to check some content here and there. But these are people you can engage with over time across various channels to develop their commitment towards the brand that raises hopes of conversion. The process known as lead nurturing is a crucial marketing exercise.  Your lead nurturing campaign’s success depends on personalizing the communication based on the segmentation of the email list, which is the most effective method.  Since the leads are far from buying, approach them with content that helps endear them to your brand without pitching sales. Create messages by balancing education with promotion to pose to the audience as an unobtrusive resource.

Encourage double opt-ins by making its simple

Maintain an email list that is free from bad actors and bots by taking to double opt-ins. Double opt-in is a two-step process of completing the subscription by asking the subscriber to confirm their interest by verifying their email address. However, the process is controversial as it has its share of followers and nay Sayers who suspect its effectiveness because of the chances of users not confirming their subscriptions.  Subscribers need some nudging to make them committed by making the process of double opt-in super simple. You can devise a method that directs the CTA button to the user’s mailbox and triggers a search for the email address and then sending the confirmation email. This is a proven tactic that showed an increase in conversion that went up from 63% to 82%.

Highlight your content upgrades

You must give as much importance in promoting your content upgrades as much you do with fresh content. All types of content are equally valuable for driving organic traffic, and generating leads to content upgrades. However, much depends on how you communicate the value of those upgrades effectively. Some of the features of content upgrade can include making the blog introduction more attractive, adding images, and moving lead forms higher up the page. These measures provide high returns, as evident from results available that show almost doubling of conversions on the upgraded content.

The focus must be on fresh content that constitutes the bulk while content upgrades can be an afterthought to supplement it to maintain a steady supply of content for consistent posting. The real challenge is an effective optimization that drives conversions and not just improves ranking. How much business happens due to the optimization efforts that generate revenue makes all the difference between failure and success.

By Alexander Fernandise – Contributor  26/08/202