When To Know If The IT Support Is The One For Your Business

The popularity of managed services among businesses of all sizes is growing. The managed IT support industry is expected to exceed $200 billion by 2020. More and more companies understand the benefits of outsourcing their IT-related affairs to experts.

Managed IT support has come a long way from the standard break-fix model to proactive maintenance and support. Without an IT expert on the team, the business is unlikely to achieve great heights.

Are you ready to consider managed IT support? Do you wonder if it’s the right solution for your business? Here are a few reasons to help you make a decision. 

1. Your Company Experienced Downtime

Whatever business you are in, you need a computer network to work flawlessly. If you don’t have proper IT support, each breakdown leads to downtime. Even if you have a couple of IT industry experts on your team, it’s unlikely that they can deal with a variety of problems you face today and will face in the future.

If you want to minimize downtime without maximizing the budget, it’s time to consider managed IT support.

2. You Have A Small IT Team

IT departments vary in size, depending on the company’s budget. More often than not, a small or even medium-sized business doesn’t have enough people on the IT team. This leads to improper data security, frequent breakdowns, lack of support, and loss of profit.

If you feel that you need to have more IT specialists on your team, but the budget of the company doesn’t allow you to hire them, consider managed IT services. Experts at Firewall Technical point out that the majority of businesses don’t have enough employees in the IT department. Unfortunately, many of them don’t realize it until a significant problem occurs.

3. Your Company Is Growing

As your company grows and develops, so should your IT department. Hiring new specialists or providing training options for your existing employees is a way out. However, doing it on a regular basis may be costly.

With managed IT support, you get an opportunity to work with highly qualified IT specialists, who are always ready to give your company the services it needs regardless of the size.

4. Your Company Needs a Push Forward

If you feel as if you are falling behind the competition, while doing everything in your power to stay afloat, you may not be taking full advantage of the latest technologies. Managed IT support specialists offer proactive support to your company, helping you make a big step forward.

In the 21st century, it’s tough to be on top of your game without keeping tabs on the technological innovations in the IT realm. You need an expert, who is ready to dedicate sufficient time to monitoring the possibilities and offering new solutions to old problems.

5. Your Company Has Security Flaws

Bad security is one of the top reasons business owners consider managed IT services. Sixty percent of companies go out of business within 6 months after a serious data loss. If you suspect that your IT team is not doing everything possible to provide all-encompassing security for your data, it’s time to get help.

From antivirus software installation to 24/7 monitoring, managed IT specialists could keep your data safer than your in-house team can.

6. You Need To Cut Costs

Are you spending too much money on your IT department? Cost cutting is one of the top reasons why businesses of all sizes opt for managed IT support services.  You can get top-notch services from a variety of specialists at a price, which is much lower than you pay your in-house team.

Did one of these reasons hit home? It’s time to consider managed IT support services.

By Maria Victoria MacAraig – Contributor   |   02/07/2019