12 Business trends to watch out for in 2020

If you’re an entrepreneur, you are aware of how aggressive the business environment can be. If you want to stay on top, you’d want to have your finger on the oscillation of latest technology and follow the most advanced discoveries. With that in mind, here are 12 different business trends that are assumed to accelerate business development in the following year and ahead.

Robots take over humans in many industries

Apparently, the most important development that is transforming businesses is how devices are taking over jobs varying from inventory management to window cleaning. Anyone with a transaction-based business or job will be having a limited career development before this decade ends.

Flatter organizations

A result of more agile arrangements is the requirement for more limited management. Businesses require to be flatter if they want to process data quicker unless they need to gamble agile adversaries securing business events.

3D printing is all the rage

Among the most interesting, and revolutionary technologies are 3D printing which enables you to print a penholder at your desk, support robots create unique structures or give a boy a new set of fingers. Watch out for more effective and innovative ways of 3D printing application in business.

Nanotechnology for the human body

3D printing is occurring adjacent to organic engineering. By the time this decade ends, we’ll be capable to print our own epidermis. By 2030, we could be printing replacement human parts such as heart valves.

Mobile apps dominating service industries

The mobile app is presently flourishing but the actual consequences of such mobile services will be experienced in enterprises as assorted as the travel and tourism sectors to the taxi industry.

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Changing entertainment

Apps and associated machines are moving to transform customer behaviour and nowhere is this more striking than in the entertainment enterprises, which are getting revolutionised by instruments such as social media, Google Glasses, live streaming concerts and much more.

Gen Z and millennials are the new demographic

Older users may recognise a time before the internet, but the internet today is basically a part of everything younger people do. And as they get older and construct more of the customer market, businesses need to do their best to be relevant by shifting their marketing to digital platforms. Consider TikTok, the video platform on mobiles, that has encountered an insane increase in the past years.

Eco-friendly gets trendier

As the glamour to sustain planet continues by the rebellion movement across the world, consumers attitude toward eco-friendly products will evolve. Embracing a green lifestyle is now part of the new business trends. For example, Lunya is a successful women’s’ clothing brand, creates its goods from natural fibres and fabrics, using Pima cotton for strength and comfort. Using natural substances to reduce the carbon footprint of their company.

Machine learning and artificial intelligence

The AI industry is advancing and will have a meaningful influence on the global economy in future business trends. Even more modest applications of algorithms and AI can enhance the user experience in almost all businesses. Spotify, for example, applies AI to personalise the listening experience by making custom sessions for every user.

The constant rise of user experience and design

Remote work is on the advance. Remote workers are more encouraged than those attached to a table for a 9-to-5 job. One study revealed that many remote workers have spent in the building assigned areas to work in. 

Design and UX centred around humans

With the introduction of Gen Z and millennials in both the markets and office, there’s a lot of buzzes around for UX and human-centred design (HCD). Simply put, HCD is placing the user first. It is pushing for the users by creating experiences, products and services, that present them with value.

Influencer marketing is here to stay

Influencer marketing is alike to celebrity advertisement common in the era of mass media. Rather than only gunning for musicians or actors, marketers posting and promoting their products on across social media and other digital platforms such as podcasts and attracting influencers in their niche. Though with recent controversies and laws, influencer marketing has come under fire however, it is still relevant and marketer will continue to embrace this strategy.


The next coming years will be exciting. With new technologies and a new emerging market as we are looking ahead to 2020. Which one of these trends will you adapt to your business?

Manan Ghadawala – Contributor | 19/12/2019

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