5 Reasons Why Real Estate Entrepreneurs Should Start Outsourcing

Hiring virtual assistants is a solution offered to real estate businesses for years. Outsourcing jobs to specific staff or VAs is more known as offshoring or seat leasing. The option of outsourcing has proven to help with performance efficiency and productivity.

Different types of businesses have experienced these positive effects moving towards growth.

Growth is every business’ ultimate goal whatever industry we are in.

It can come in these forms:

● Increasing number of leads and customers

● Improved processes

● Positive feedback from previous clients

We can, yet, sum up things we perceive as growth into two: financial freedom and time freedom.

We gain financial freedom through great profits and healthy cash flows. People tend to work towards reaching higher financial goals. This will lead them to reaching time freedom. It is the time we allocate for the things we work for.

How can outsourcing help a business to achieve this growth? The field of real estate is another industry which seen to best embrace staff outsourcing. The question is therefore, why should real estate entrepreneurs start hiring virtual assistants?

Here are the Reasons Why Real Estate Entrepreneurs Should Start Outsourcing and the pinpoints you would want to work on.

1. You want to control expenses

At the early stage of a start-up business, expenses are already pilling up and start to rise if not properly control. They then, inevitably increase as processes and operations progress.

Aside from setting goals, you should also consider how needs will evolve through time. This is to prevent expenses from blowing up.

Processes should be evaluated on a regular basis to determine if your employee structure is aligned with your business goals. This is part of smart outsourcing.

Tasks that involve expertise on real estate sales are ideally the ones your internal staff do. It is advisable to keep your team as small as possible although depends on your company size. This way, you can track the efficiency of your real estate sales team.

Your core group, basically, are the ones who work on the cash inflow of the business. How would you distinguish tasks that can be outsourced or not? Ask yourself these questions:

● Does this task save money?

● Can someone else do it better?

If it does save the business more money, then, it should be kept in-house. But, if you find that someone else does the task more efficiently, then it should be outsourced.

Real Estate Outsourcing helps the business avoid large expenditures. For a start-up real estate company, you don’t have to include all departments in your employee structure. Include only the positions that perform your core skill set in your business.

In the case of an already set-up company, you can pick the necessary job roles. Then, remove the redundant ones in your employee organization. This is after careful evaluation of the employee structure.

In doing this, your business will save money that should have been used for expanding the office space or adding another employee. The outsourced staff will be the ones to perform the daily back-office operations.

Another cost reduction effect of outsourcing is you only pay a fixed cost for the service. You will be surprised how much cheaper it is to hire a real estate virtual assistant than adding an in-house staff.

2. You want to avoid high employee turnover

With Real Estate Outsourcing, hiring staff is much easier and less risky. You choose the roles to assign to outsourced staff. Once you plotted the projects to be implemented, you can start them right away.

You also get to focus on your money-producing tasks. Outsourcing back-office operations saves your time. You have your sales team do what they are good at.

It is common knowledge that the human brain can perform successfully only one task at a time. Multi-tasking can cause your internal staff to become demotivated and perform less effectively.

Real estate virtual office assistants certainly add value to what they perform at hand. They do tasks with much prudence. Your sales team now don’t have to worry about doing administrative work. They can focus on reaching your sales target—speaking of growing your profit.

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3. You want to be known for quality

Quality — it is what all businesses aim to deliver and be known for. Whether a company provides service or product, its main goal is to deliver it with quality.

How does a business achieve this goal? It should realize that its greatest asset is its people. The employees working for it should not only be proficient, but also dedicated to their work.

An employer seeks to have workers who will contribute much to the overall operational proficiency of the company.

Real estate principals look for employees who will bring in positive cash inflows. Hence, real estate salesmen should focus on what they do best. They should be out in the field servicing clients. They are there to help customers with their needed properties.

How about the post-sale tasks that should be done by your salespeople? They are trained for sure to accomplish those back-office operations too. But, won’t that divide the energy they should have been giving in assisting clients out?

You would want to ensure that quality is present both in the field and office operations. This is where real estate outsourcing comes in the picture. Real estate virtual assistants can do the activities that are needed before and after a sale.

These are a few of the many job roles of virtual assistants:

● Property Management

● Sales Administration

● Marketing

There are also outsourced specialist real estate roles available for your special tasks.

Can you imagine how privileged your clients will feel if they receive email updates on time? Things like this add extra value to what your salespeople give to clients. Virtual assistants are great help in every sale transaction.

You have another question then in your mind. Are these real estate virtual assistants qualified enough for those jobs? Yes. You’ll be glad to know how competitive they are for the jobs.

Virtual assistants come from a pool of global talents who are experts in different areas. You can compare prices from different business process outsourcing service providers.

4. You want to be a “top of mind” in business

Why are you in the real estate business in the first place? You want to be part of people’s important life transactions—buying homes and properties.

If you do business, you not only do it right. You also aim to be a “top of mind” in the industry.

These are questions for self-business check:

● Do your target customers know your company?

● Have you adapted to the digital way of marketing?

● Do you have an attractive website customers can visit?

● Do you have social media presence?

If most of your answers to these are yes, then you are on track towards being a priority choice.

Do our competitors do advertising better? Do they get more customers than we do? If you have these running in your head, then it’s a sign that you need help in marketing your brand.

There are real estate virtual office assistants who specialize in ranking up your company.

Some of the things they can help you with include:

● SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

● Website Development

● Social Media Marketing

● Graphic Design

5. You want to have healthy and growing finances

Every company’s target is to bring great profit to the company.

While you and your team are working on this, someone should be managing your accounts.

Simplifying collected data makes you capable of doing better decisions. You gain confidence in analyzing your previous taken actions. Also, you are more positive about implementing projects in your business plan.

Risk is another thing you do not want your business exposed too much from.

There should be a dedicated staff monitoring these changes:

● Financial conditions

● Market Competition

● Government Regulations

● Technological Advancements

The above-mentioned things are valuable services a virtual assistant can provide you with.

Grow your finances healthy without being bogged down with financial documents.

For sure, you have been encountering one of these pain points in your real estate business. It gives you more reason to venture into real estate outsourcing.

There are a couple of business process outsourcing providers available. Make comparisons of prices and pick from a range of international competitive talents.

Stephen Atcheler – Contributor | 27/11/2019

Stephen Atcheler

With 13 year’s experience in Real Estate, 7 years running businesses, 6 years running offshore teams and importantly the Managing Director of a Real Estate Specific Offshore Staffing Solution for the past 3 years. I am an expert in helping businesses implement offshore solutions to help them scale, reduce internal wage costs, create automation and develop an online footprint.